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How my face mud mask is helping me with my anxiety

I know it's been a while since last time I posted. I want you know the reason. I've been struggling severely with my mental health and being honest, some days has been hard enough to get out of bed in the morning.

Anxiety and stress have been hitting me hard last weeks. One of the reasons is a wedding in the family in a few weeks. Everyone (especially my mum) is going crazy about it and definitely I'm feeling the pressure. 
As you already know, self-care is always important, but especially in this kind of situations. That's why I want to show you a product that is helping me to find some relax, balance and wellness: my face mud mask.

I've been using my glacial marine mud mask for several weeks now, and I can say it has made a huge difference on my skin and my wellness and self-care, refreshing my tired skin and leaving it really soft, increasing my self-confidence and self-love. 
I'm totally convinced that this amazing product can make the difference for many …
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Product Review: Powelips Fluid

One of my clients (Dracaenae) sent me a review of one of my products, the Powerlips Fluid. 

I don’t know a thing about make-up. I’m beyond clueless. But sometimes the jeans and t-shirt have to be swopped for a more put together look. I dare not say glam… because that’s not me, even when I try. 
So, when my friend contacted to me to try out one of the make-up products from her catalogue, I was afraid. Well… I didn’t want to disappoint my friend. It’s a new business. Getting & keeping customers isn’t easy. And I do support my friends and small businesses whenever I can. 
I ordered 5 different shades. See below picture for the full

I have oddly pale skin with a bit of a weird undertone. It makes it a bit difficult for me to match colours. Someone told me that you are supposed to check the colours against your hand. So, here’s a picture of me hand with some colourful swipes.
Are you really supposed to that? Please let me know in the comments.
Anyways… so I found the application…

My morning routine

For a large part of my adolescent and adult life, I've been a nocturnal person. Sometimes for necessity and sometimes because of insomnia caused, mostly, for my mental health issues. The whole situation made me create some bad habits that I'm trying to change this year. As I said in my first post (How I deal with the side effects of my meds for depression), last year was especially hard for me, so I decided to start a real change. The first thing I decided to change was my sleep and morning routine. I knew, for my own experience, that it was not a good idea to make it all at once, that it would be more effective make it step by step.
1. Meditation When I decided it was time to make a real change in my life I was seriously struggling with my depression and my meds, so I started with the easier part of my plan, create the habit of meditating a few minutes every morning. I do it with the app "Simple Habit". Honestly, I can't compare with other similar apps because …

Samantha Brincat: If you find something you love to do, or something you enjoy and makes you happy, don’t let anything stop you from perusing it

Samantha Brincat is an Australian-Maltese basketball player. During her professional career, she has played in different countries like Spain, Australia, Italy, Finland or Greece. Currently, she's playing at the Maltese league with Hibernians, the title defender, that recently added another trophy to their showcases, the Louis Borg Cup. Brincat also plays for the Maltese National Team, that expects to get a new success at the Games of the Small States of Europe in May in Montenegro. We also talk to Samantha about her lifestyle and self-care.

- How would you define your lifestyle?
My lifestyle is very simple. I do what makes me happy and I appreciate the little things. I live a quite healthy and active life.
-Everyone who follows you on Instagram can see how hard you are working on your workout, nutrition, self-care… How are you feeling about it? How It's impacting in your life?
To be honest, Instagram has provided me a platform to meet so many wonderful and uplifting people whom…

How I deal with the side effects of my meds for depression

Hi Everyone! I'm Sandy and first of all, I want to welcome everyone to my blog. Currently, I'm recovering from depression and a few weeks before Christmas I was put on Citalopram. The first month was terrible. Meds made me feel sleepy almost all day, caused me panic, anxiety... I felt so bad that I spent several weeks without leaving home. Luckily, most of the side effects disappeared in early January but I'm still struggling with some of them like insomnia or thirstiness. Considering I'll not see my doctor until mid-February my choice was clearly between, complain all the time about it or face the situation creatively.
Obviously, I've chosen the second one.
"If my meds are going to make me spend the day drinking water at least it will be in a fancy way",  I thought when I saw this lovely water bottle at Natura Store. I find amazing how a small gesture like that can improve a person's quality of life. I bought my pink water bottle a week ago and knowin…